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Mission: Anchorage  -- changing lives in Alaska's Population Center

Anchorage City Parks -- summer missionaries and mission teams led daily bible clubs for 9 weeks and rendered several decisions for Christ.  Youths were baptized in the parks, amidst their peers and family members at the end of the summer.. Join us in Mission: Anchorage 2015.  A GREAT project for youth groups. Sign up NOW !  

             Iditarod Outreach in MARCH 2014!

   Iditarod Outreach


   Iditarod Outreach Youth Version


Reach out to Alaska's musher subculture while volunteering at the 1049-mile sled dog race starting line or finish line activities.  Check out this video and sign up today !

Starting Line in Anchorage and Willow:  

 March 6-12  2015  Cost: $650/person + Air to Anchorageh Line in Nome:


WEEK ONE: March 13-19, 2015  Cost $650 Air to Nome

WEEK TWO: March 20-26, 2015 Cost $650+ Air to Nome

 LSO Check these out:

   * Kodiak Crabfest: Memorial Day Weekend (6 days)

   * Salmon Frenzy in July 2015 (1 Week X 3)

   * Mission Anchorage:  Weekly in Summer 2015

   *Iron Dog Snowmobile Race Outreach February 2015

   * Bering Sea Youth Camp Construction in August 2015

   * Construction Projects in Kenai Peninsula (custom)

   * Calling all HAIR-CUTTERS ! (Village Ministry)

   * Calling all Mechanics ! (Village Ministry)

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Alaska Missions Partners

Your GIFT Changes Lives

Equipment Needed

White Standard Flat Sheets      Suicide Victim Burial Packets

Dress Packs for                       Village Women's Ministry

Christmas ShoeBoxes for         Bush Village Children

School Backpacks for               Bush Village Children

$25 Walmart Giftcards for     College Summer Missionaries Food

Used 15 Passenger Vans          for mission volunteer teams

Camper Trailer / Mobile RV         Summer Adult Staff housing

Bering Sea Youth Camp           Spenard Builders' Cabin  Kit - $34K

4 wheeler for Camp                   New or Used 4WD

Shower Trailer                          DONATED BY CALHOUN BAPTIST ASSOC, BRUCE MS

Bush Plane                              Cessna 180 or 185 For Bush Village Ministry

40' Boat for Kodiak Outreach    Used for ministering to villages around Kodiak  Island                              


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